Consider Employee Turnover When Choosing a Cleaning Company

We understand the importance of having the same person show up to clean your facility night after night. Consistency means you won’t have to worry about: the “new guy” missing half of their nightly cleaning tasks,  spending your time checking their work, or listening to your peers complain about the things that were missed. In the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry, employee retention translates into consistency and that means happy customers. At GCM we’ve taken the time to identify what causes employee turnover and, more important, we have fixed the problem.

3 Common Reasons for Employee Turnover

  • The employee wasn’t a good fit for the position – We take hiring and placement very seriously, from the application through the interview, we place great emphasis on finding a dependable employees that can meet the needs of our clients.
  • Employees don’t feel they know what is expected of them, or the proper way to do their job – A thorough training program goes a long way toward great employee retention and ultimately consistency. At GCM, we have a four-step training program that involves an in-house orientation, hands-on training with a supervisor or certified trainer and continued close-contact supervision. This ensures that new employees are able to provide the level of cleaning on a consistent basis that meets our standards and your expectations.
  • Employees don’t feel recognized or appreciated – At GCM, we pay all of our employees at or above the Union scale, and offer a benefits package to our full- and part-time employees because we believe they deserve it. We also have holiday parties, a picnic, an employee of month and other events to help our employees feel a part of the GCM commercial cleaning family. We ensure our employees feel appreciated, their work reflects it, and our employee turnover rate remains well below the industry norm. We are aware that there is no substitute for good, ongoing constructive supervision. GCM supervisors have up to 12 years of cleaning and janitorial experience and have an eye for details so that you get the consistency you expect.

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